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Art and Story
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Art and Story

Perienne Christian

Do doubt and self-criticism hold you back from answering your creative calling? Do you have a vision for what you want to bring to the world, but feel held back by the inner critic voice?

If yes, I’m Perienne, an artist and art mentor. And In my mentoring work, I have discovered simple tools and strategies that help people unearth their creative gifts and the work they came here to do. I've learned that when we harness the power of the stories we hold, they can actually support us in releasing our anxieties and manifesting our creative visions.

Welcome to Art and Story, a podcast where we have conversations about creativity and healing. Join me as I speak with artists, writers, poets and mystics about their creative journeys and the life lessons that have helped them accept and say yes to the work their soul is calling them to. 

To learn more about my artwork and the Creativity Cafe Membership; an online space with community, accountability and art sessions for creatives, visit my website: