Art and Story

4. ‘ William Blake made me an artist’ A conversation with visionary artist Andrea Mclean.

October 07, 2023 Perienne Christian
Art and Story
4. ‘ William Blake made me an artist’ A conversation with visionary artist Andrea Mclean.
Art and Story
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Show Notes

Today's conversation with Andrea Mclean is poetic and rooted in the idea of art and creativity being a heartfelt journey.

Some of the things covered in this episode are:
-How linear time disappears when we are making creative work. Does it even exist?!
-How a creative life can be full of ease, alongside the doubts and the necessary sense of the void.
-Ways into creating a sustainable creative practice that nourishes us.
-Her  advice to those that feel blocked in their creative practice or are unsure where to start.
-The different kinds of vision and how nature can gift us vision when we are alert to its magic and messages.
-The connection between Andrea’s and my work; creating a space that others can inhabit, through both what is said and also what is left unsaid and our use of time and nature in the work.
-Andrea talks us through the creation of and stories behind her painting ‘Tree map  with a  copper moon.’ (linked below)
-Her discovery of William Blake’s creation of Golgonooza (a spiritual city floating above London)  as a young student in London and how it helped her to orient herself to the busy city.

-Andrea read’s from Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’ which describes Golgonooza.

-At the end of the episode she takes us through the creative practice of creating an image that can serve as a compass, clock and cosmos. For this you will need paper, scissors and some materials to draw with. To see  a written description of the exercise and some of Andrea’s example images, click HERE
Or on the link below

-Link to the painting discussed ‘Tree map with a copper moon’
To find out more about Andrea’s work and links for things mentioned, see below. Website:
Poem: Auguries of Innocence by William Blake
Link to her Mappa Mundi, in the British Library
Link to Andrea’s work with Blakean societies
More info on William Blake’s Jerusalem, which Andrea read’s to us  from: 

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