Art and Story

5. ‘Write, Speak, Rest’ Journeying to the Depths to Reclaim the Creative Fire, with Writer, Poet and Performer Sophie Leone.

October 27, 2023 Perienne Christian
Art and Story
5. ‘Write, Speak, Rest’ Journeying to the Depths to Reclaim the Creative Fire, with Writer, Poet and Performer Sophie Leone.
Art and Story
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Show Notes

Today I’m speaking with writer, poet and performer Sophie Leone, about her journey from being a police officer for 15 years to the seismic shift in her work and what she does today.

We speak about the intense initiation she went through directly after the birth of her second child which led to her haemorrhaging and ‘bleeding out’; and the transcendent experiences that she had whilst recovering. This led to a complete shift in how she lived and ultimately to the ‘birth’ her first book, ‘the book of revelations’. During the episode Sophie reads to us from the this book, poems and monologues that follow the themes we are discussing; starting with ‘eulogy to my warrant card’, followed by 'freefall' and finally a poem called ‘for you.’ 

Sophie speaks about her journey of learning to honour and make time for rest and how this is now an integral part of her daily routine. Her mantra for every day is ‘write, speak, rest.’ At the end of the session, she guides us to prepare for a special gift that she has recorded, to help us all have some deep rest. A yoga nidra meditation. You will find the link to this below. 

Some of the things we speak about:

-Listening to the inner voice that might be trying to steer us in a more aligned direction for our lives.

-How Sophie wrote to and from that voice and how this connected her to something magical, something ‘other’

-How slowing down and getting off the hamster wheel of constant moving and doing and consciously choosing to rest, is a radical act.

-How yoga nidra and the art of rest was a doorway for Sophie to see and feel the world anew, even in the busy and challenging time of new motherhood. 

-How our lives and our bodies always call out to us when change is needed. 

-The creative void and the disappointment, disillusionment and shame that can come with the feeling that our creative work isn’t being fully recognised or welcomed out in the world. 


Sophie's Yoga Nidra Meditation gift.

Her Website:
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The Untethered soul by Michael A Singer
The Artist’s Way  by Julia Cameron

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