Art and Story

6. The Courage to Forge a New Creative Path. A conversation with Katie Vicary.

December 14, 2023 Perienne Christian
Art and Story
6. The Courage to Forge a New Creative Path. A conversation with Katie Vicary.
Art and Story
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Show Notes

In this episode I speak with Katie Vicary about her journey to finding the creative vocation that feels true to her soul’s calling. After doing many different jobs over the years, Katie has recently settled on developing her fine art practice. It was whilst in my Creativity Cafe online course (which has recently become a membership) that Katie realised that art was what was most important to her to pursue. 

We discuss what it feels like to be in transition. Not fully who we once were, but not yet who we are becoming. I give Katie a brief coaching session to help to relate to her creative blocks differently and then release them, through a somatic check in and dialogue. 

Some of the things we speak about are:
-How the only constant in life is change.

-How joining the Creativity Cafe led to the unexpected result of Katie deciding to switch course and commit fully to her artistic practice. How being in the cafe helped her to shake off unhelpful ideas about what it meant to be an artist and make work that was looser and more heartfelt and authentic. She speaks about how doing this with others on a similar journey to her, felt  helpful and supportive.
-We discuss the retelling of the story ‘the red shoes’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estes; a story of choosing  a life that is too tame, being starved of what truly nourishes us and how the choosing comfort and conformity over the authentic needs of our soul, can have a stifling effect on our creativity.

-How through the process of working through the grief of losing a loved one, the things that are important for our lives come into sharper focus; time for reassessing.

-During the brief coaching session that I take Katie through at the end, she identifies some of her creative blocks and works somatically to release them.

-At the end of the episode Katie takes us through the Parsemage technique. You can see visual instructions and artwork made using this technique HERE


Katie’s online portfolio.

Katie's Instagram 

The smell of rain on dust. Grief and praise.Martin Prechtel.

The women who run with the wolves. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The red shoes story.

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. 

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